The Most Incredible 7 Minutes You`ll Spend on Updating Your Knowledge About Email Marketing


Let’s imagine that you are one of the most successful and outstanding marketers in the world. Your main task is not only to attract and engage new customers but also maintain and keep the interest in the product of the old customers. So which method will you choose? Drum roll, please.

Definitely, email marketing is one of the best options to support your existing subscribers and provide them with information about your updates, consciously calling to action. Sometimes it is said that this way is overvalued and not as viable as it was before.

But speaking of ROI, you can notice that according to the latest report from the Direct Marketing Association, every $1 spent on advertising is returning roughly $43 and some as high as $70. It seems totally unbelievable and enticing, right? But not all marketers are able to leverage its power because they forget about  4 rules of email marketing which can beef up your Open Rate and Click-Through Rate.

But before we divulge the secrets of email marketing success, save this article and never show it to your competitors. You should stay ahead of the curve, remember it. Let’s dive into 5 email marketing essentials and seize the bull by the horns

 Let’s dive into 5 email marketing essentials and seize the bull by the horns.

  1. Write attractive subject lines

According to Seperofffice research, 47% of email recipients open an email based on the subject line. Sounds sad? You care about your whole text of the email and adding pictures/videos, incredibly useful information. But just boring or spammy subject line can spoil everything. How can you avoid this? Carefully think about customers’ first impression and make subject line as unforgettable and bright, as you can. Imagine that it’s the first date with your customer, you`ll never have another chance, and only creative approach to writing your subject line is able to make your customer call you back. In your case, to click through your link and buy your product. 😉

Also, your subject line should be clear and understandable, don`t put more than 50 characters and get rid of the trite words – free, support, download etc. Remember that your customers receive a lot of emails every day and they just skip something boring and don’t pay attention to the trivial subject lines.

  2. Tailor your emails to mobile devices

Are you still ignoring the advice to make all emails mobile friendly? Believe us, that’s a huge mistake. Let’s dig into facts. 56% of email in the world is now opened on a mobile device.  In addition, research from Litmus shows that 71 % of people will delete an email immediately if it doesn’t display correctly on their mobile device. So if you don’t want to experience kiss of death in email marketing and lose a large segment of your market, hurry up to optimize your content and make it engaging for mobile users.

The question is what can help you to accomplish this hard mission. Fortunately, the service SendBetter gives you the opportunity to adopt your email to mobile format. Moreover, you can even check how your email will look in different browsers (Google Chrome, Opera, Mozila Firefox etc). Sounds amazing, right?

3. Don`t neglect to segment your subscribers


Probably you have already heard this. To tell you the truth, some marketers still make the awful mistakes – they send their emails to all subscribers, not highlighting them according to such important criteria as age, region, sex, interests etc. For instance, Janrain study showed that 74 % of online customers are disappointed when they receive content that has nothing to do with their interests. This inaccuracy leads to going directly into spam folders.

Why? Because discounts on new fancy dresses are mostly not interesting for men. And your funny Instagram campaigns for teenagers won’t attract aged people. To avoid this, make sure that every specific email finds its target audience. Undoubtedly more you segment, more Click-Through Rate you get. Clear as day, isn’t it? So give your subscribers what they want and boost your efficiency.

4. Personalize your approach in writing

In 21st-century people prefer to get personal attention more than ever. How can you give it to them? The answer is very simple. Personalizing the beginning of your email with ‘Hi [recipient’s first name]’ can help to encourage the reader enough to at least begin to read your offer. It is proven that emails with personalized subject lines are 26 more likely to be opened.

Wrapping Up


To improve your email marketing campaigns and surpass your competitors, you should follow these 4 rules and keep it as the apple of one’s eye.

  1.       Create catchy subject lines.
  2.       Make your emails mobile-friendly.
  3.       Segment your audience.
  4.       Personalize your email.

Of course, it’s not all the tips which true email marketing magicians ought to keep in mind. But we are going to open more secrets to you. See you next time. Follow our blog and find new ways to reach out to your subscribers.